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Hawaiian Reggae Radio

AloJAH Sister Irie,

Yes you must come visit the 'ohana / family' here in the islands.

The Hawaiian reggae audience is a bit divided. There is a roots crowd but mostly
the younger fans prefer local Hawaiian Reggae bands and pop reggae groups like UB40
that get a lot of airplay. Bob Marley and Gregory Isaac's are still favorites on the radio.
The local Hawaiian reggae musicians don't refer to their music as 'Jawaiian' preferring to call it 'Island Reggae'. There are many 'island music' radio stations that play mostly local reggae and the reggae classics. Whenever you see 'contemporary Hawaiian music' or Island Music' that means Hawaiian Reggae. The contemporary Hawaiian musicians have totally absorbed Jamaican music especially Rock Steady and 'Golden Era Reggae'. Some of the young local bands have got the riddims down. They write mostly love songs but there is also conscious lyrics too. There is a definite aware of the message of one love and the peoples struggle/Hawaiian sovereignty. The singers are wonderful including Figi, Marty Dread and James McWhinney. So many good local bands that I will post later.

Big Island Stations like KWXX-FM and Native FM play 'Island Music' 24/7.
*The 'Jake Show' has a 'Strickly Reggae Show' and he is worth sending reggae music to at Native FM in Hilo.
Not much dancehall or current conscious reggae artists like Tarrus Riley or Luciano get radio exposure on the Big Island.

Maui has a couple of radio stations playing reggae 24 hour a day with a much larger range of airplay for new and classic reggae artists.
*Marty Dread has a show on 103.7 KNUQ Q 103.7 The Rhythm of the Islands and is worth sending music to.
Other Maui stations that play reggae include :
93.5 KPOA Island Music;
95.1 KAOI Adult Contemporary & Hawaiian Music;
98.3 KJMD "Da Jam 98.3 - Hawaii's Real Hits" (Rhythmic CHR, Island, Reggae)
99.9 KJKS "Kiss FM, Maui's #1 Hit Music Station" Contemporary Hits & Reggae

Kauai has 98.9 KITH "Island Radio 98.9 " (Contemporary Island Reggae Music)

Oahu has a University station that has a couple of reggae shows.

As far as promoters go the oldest is Tom Moffit Productions based in Honolulu.
He brought the recent Soja tour which did very well on Maui, Oahu and the Big Island.
There are other promoters that work the outer islands that I will research and post.

Bless up

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